edge 540 bp manual

edge 540 bp manual
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edge 540 bp manual

Made in Vietnam.Please read thisHand or electric drill. Assorted drill bits. Modelling knife. Straight edge ruler.Phillips head screwdriver.Wire cutters. Thread-lock. Paper towels.Tail section assemblySome more parts.Keep a couple ofMake sure you haveThis will assureThe painted and plastic parts used in this kitDo not let these chemicals come in contact with the colors on theIf you are a beginner to this type of poweredIf you attempt to operateImportant: before you start construction. Even if you have already built a large numberWe have taken greatNote regarding the film covering. Minor creases or bubbles may develop in theCreases. Blow warm air over the areaWing warp. Hold the panel twistedInstruction Manual. Caution! do not heat the film more than isIf the air or the iron isThis model is highly pre-fabricated and canHowever, the workThe model will onlyWhen self-tapping screws have to beDo not stand in line with the side of the propeller.C. Fuselage. E. Vertical stabilizer. B. Wing panel. D. Horizontal stabilizer. F. Aluminium wing dihedral brace. G. Decal sheet.Ailer. Bottom side. Bottom sideRemove covering. Servo trayInstall servo into aileron servo tray as same as picture below.When you have pulled the servo lead out, remove the masking tape and the servo leadBottom side. Secure. Bottom sideElectric wire. ThreadSecure. Repeat the procedure for the other wingM3 lock nut. Nilon control clasp. AileronRepeat the procedure for the other wingM2 lock nutCut.Secure. Drill a holeMotor. Rotor sharft. Front view.Battery.Secure. Drill a holeSilicon tube.Connect oneVent tube. Fuel pick- up tube. Fuel fill tubeThis tube will be the vent tube to the muffler.This tube will be vent tube to the fueling valve.Do not overConnect 2 lines to the 2When the stopper assembly is installedIt should not touch the top of the tank.Air should flow throughSecure. Do not secure the tank into place permanently until after balancing the airplane. You may need to remove the tank to mountFuel tank.


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Fuel tank tray. Mark point.Drill a holePushrod wire. Left side. Right side. Pushrod wire.Top side. SecureTrim and cutSee picture below. Bottom sideRight side. Top side. Machine screw. Left sideConnect the fuelFront view.Throttle servoThrSecSecure.Cut. ThrConnector. Servo arm.Bottom side. Landing gear. Mark line. Secure.RemoveCut. Epoxy glueSecureRepeat the process for the other wheel. Bottom side.Test fit the servoElevRemoveCenter lineCheck to mark sure the wing and stabilizer are paralell. If they are not, lightly sandMark line. Bottom side.Using the linesWhen cutting through the covering toCutting into the balsa structure mayInstruction ManualPlease see pictures below. Epoxy glueM3 lock nut. Nilon control clasp.ElevatorElevaSecure. ElevatorSecureCut.Secure. Instruction Manual. Throttle servoRudd. Hinge.Mark lineJust as you did with the horizontal stabilizer, make sure you only press hard enoughStabilizer. Vertical. Stabilizer.Epoxy glue. Remove covering. Epoxy glue. RemoveApply epoxy toSet the stabilizer inAllow the epoxy to fully cure before proceeding.Please see pictures below.Top side. M3 lock nut. Nilon control clasp.Hinge slotRudderRudderThrEleRudThe pivot point of theSecure. Plastic part of tail gear.Mark point. Cut. Mark linePlastic parts of rudder andCut. AgElevatorRudderRudder plastic light. SwitchYou may want to plugUse a rubber band or masking tape toUse two tie wraps to holdDo not permanently secure the receiver andTie wrap. Battery. Right wing. See picture wing attach to fuselage. Wing bolt. Receiver. Installing the fuselage hatch as same as picture below.Wing bolt.Drill a holeDrill a holeTop sideLeft wing. Left wing.


Improper balance will causeAccurately mark the balance point on theThe balance point is located 55mm back fromMoving the balance forward may improve theMoving the balance aft makes the model more agileIn any case,If you are unable to obtainAilerons: 10mm upElevator: 10mm upRudder: 20mm right 20mm leftWe wish you many safe and enjoyable flights with your EDGE 540-V3. Made in Vietnam. EDGE 540 V3-30ccInstruction ManualPlease read thisUse the parts listing belowHand or electric drill. Paper towels.Tail section assemblySome more parts.Keep a couple ofMake sure you haveThis will assureThe painted and plastic parts used in this kitDo not let these chemicals come in contact with the colors on theEDGE 540 V3-30ccInstruction ManualIf you are a beginner to this type of poweredIf you attempt to operateWing warp. Important: before you start construction. Even if you have already built a large numberWe have taken greatHold the panel twistedCaution! do not heat the film more than isIf the air or the iron isThis model is highly pre-fabricated and canHowever, the workThe model will onlyNote regarding the film covering. Blow warm air over the areaWhen self-tapping screws have to beDo not stand in line with the side of the propeller.C.Fuselage. D.Horizon stabilizer. E.Vertical stabilizer. F. Aluminium wingG.Decal sheet.Instruction ManualWhen you have pulled the servo lead out, remove the masking tape and the servo leadInstall servo into aileron servo tray as same as picture below.Thread. Bottom side.Instruction ManualInstalling the aileron linkages as picturesRepeat the procedure for the other wingSecure.Install aileron control horn as sameSecure. ElevatorRepeat the procedure for the other wingElevatorElectricSecure. Secure.Connect oneThis tube will be vent tube to the fueling valve. When the stopper assembly is installed in theIt should notDrill 4mmInstruction ManualTygon gas tubing not included. Vent tube.


Fuel fill tubeDo not overConnect 2 lines to the 2Blow through one of the lines to ensureAir should flowDo not secure the tank into place permanently until after balancing the airplane. YouEDGE 540 V3-30ccInstruction ManualThrottle - cable. Secure.Throttle cable. Throttle servoLeft side. LandingSecure. Right side.Cut.Remove theSecure. Drill 8mmSecure.Instruction ManualTrim andBottom side. Top sideConnect the fuelMachine screw. Left side.Instruction ManualBottom side. Remove theBottom side.Front viewTest fit theSecure. Secure.SecureSee picture below.Bottom side. AluminiumSecure. Secure.Instruction ManualPlease see pictures below. Secure.Bottom side. ElevatorElevatorRuRuSecure.EDGE 540 V3-30ccInstruction ManualPlease see pictures below. Aluminium. Control horn of Rudder.Plus glue. Top side.Instruction ManualSecure. ElevatorRudderRudderElevatorRudderRudderPlastic p arts of rudderCut.EDGE 540 V3-30ccRemove theSecure. RemoveRudder plastic light.Secure.Drill a holeBottom side.Instruction ManualTie wrap. Switch. SwitchYou may want to plugSwitch. TiUse a rubber band or masking tape toUse two tie wraps to holdInstruction ManualDrill 3mmSecure.See picture wing attach to fuselage. Installing the fuselage hatch as same as picture below. Left wing. SwitchDrill 3mmImproper balance will causeAccurately mark the balance point on the topMoving the balance forward may improve theIf the nose drops, itIf you are unable to obtainTop sideAilerons: 25mm upElevator: 25mm upRudder: 40mm right 40mm leftWe wish you many safe and enjoyable. And when it comes to selecting your favorite electric radio control plane, the age old question is: balsa or foam. Everyone has their own preference, and both materials have their advantages, but in this review, we?ll look at one airplane that may have you tossing your foamies into the packaging material bin!Popping the top revealed a comparatively small parts count, hinting at the speed of assembly to come.


I was very impressed with the condition of the covering; sometimes ARFs come out of the box with wrinkles galore, but the Edge was tighter than a drum with nary a wrinkle to be found.It really looks great, as it showcases the built-up balsa and ply construction. Excellent E-flite quality out of the box. It?s a little gem! I really like the format and thorough illustrations that leave nothing to chance. There is no need for me to try and replace the excellent manual provided, so instead I will offer my opinion and suggestions to possibly streamline the way it all comes together. The information gleaned from this source will quite often help you make a mistake already made by those who have traveled down the road of assembly ahead of you. In the case of the Edge 540, there were several alleged issues with the kit. Some reported that the wing-to-fuselage fit was not the best. Others felt the aluminum landing gear was too soft and not up to the rigors of a few less than perfect landings. I started my build with these two possible shortcomings on my mind.This is one area where some have complained the gap was a bit too large - mine was pretty tight. There were only a few small gaps though which I could see a little light when held up to my shop fluorescents. Any tighter and I would have had to sand the opening to allow the wing to slide in. Once you have it squared up, draw lines to mark the point where it intersects both sides of the fuselage. Remove it, the wing and cut the covering off. Reinsert it, and make it permanent with some CA. I used the same to fill a few places where the gap was a little more pronounced. It is worth noting that E-flite discourages the use of CA accelerator on this step, as the CA should wick into the joint for a more secure bond if allowed to cure normally.Once the wing and horizontal stabilizer are attached, it is time to hinge the control surfaces and attach them. T-pins are a CA hinge?

s best friend, as they guarantee the hinges will penetrate equally into both pieces.You must glue this into one half of the elevator, and then attach it to the horizontal stabilizer via the three CA hinges. Repeat for the other elevator half, the rudder and the ailerons, carefully checking that you have the ailerons correctly oriented before you glue. The covering scheme and colors will clue you in to whether you have them right or wrong. The servos? openings required just a touch of sanding to get the openings large enough. As usual, I used a pin vise to drill a tiny pilot hole and then harden the threads with a few drops of CA. Once the servos are installed, it takes a little planning and effort to neatly route them to the receiver. I like to make the wiring as neat as possible; there?s nothing worse than seeing a bunch of wires flapping in the wind as you bring the plane in for a close hover.You need to pass the wire lead for one of them through the hole so that all servo leads end up on the same side of the plane as the receiver. The kit comes with two tiny pieces of tapered, wedge shaped lite ply referred to as ?motor offset shims.? These are critically important to getting the correct angle of right thrust built into the motor and prop, so be sure to follow the instructions closely here. Attach your favorite electric prop using the aluminum adapter that comes with the motor. The recommended prop for the 920kv motor is the 10X4.7 but I decided to go with a 11X3.8 instead. The battery is attached with the included Velcro to one side of the fuselage, the speed controller to the other side.Attach a large enough piece of Velcro to the fuselage so that you can shift the battery around for optimal CG. E-flite provides everything you will require to make the connections. I selected the longest horns I could find for the S75s. When mounting the servo horns to the aileron servos, E-flite recommends matching them to the hinge line of the ailerons.

They help create a very positive, slop free connection to the tail surfaces. A small drop of CA on the quick connects used on the servo arms will provide a little insurance against the already tight friction fit somehow releasing in flight.Others will complete it faster. In any event, it is a quick build for sure. E-Flite provides a starting point as far as recommended control throws and exponentials for dual rates. But it is a safe bet that you will crank the high rates up as high as you can if you are like me. A plane of this design will handle it for sure.It helps keep the airframe paper light. The starting point for the Center of Gravity is 4.5 inches back from the leading edge of the wing at the wing root, against the saddle. You can probably move it back even further after you fly the plane a bit. E-flite must have addressed the previous complaints and tightened their quality control. Watts per pound equals 131 watts. In fact, the manual cautions you lest you exceed the intended airspeed and experience the dreaded flutter that can and will occur. As a slow flyer, things will not happen very fast and you do have time to respond.What could be simpler? When it comes time to land, I aspire to be able to hover it right into my hand. Well, time and practice will see that happening. I have landed mine a little on the hard side, and the aluminum did distort a little but I think that might be a good thing - on a hard landing, something has to give. I would rather have the landing gear be the crumple zone than the balsa and ply fuselage. It is definitely easier to tweak the aluminum back into shape than it is to have to operate on the fuselage. Or a park flyer. Just remember, whether it is foam or balsa, the backstop will always win. I definitely give it a thumbs up. The five slice thick airfoil will let you slow it to a walk and gently settle it on the mains, or if you prefer, on the tail wheel first and then the mains.

I will openly admit that I am not the sharpest tool in the 3D shed, and the Edge takes it all and keeps coming back for more. I have been trying to improve my hovering ability for some time, and I can say that this will be the airframe to take me to the next level. The Edge 540 locks into a hover like no other plane I have ever tried it with. Snaps are very clean and crisp. Inverted flight takes almost no down elevator. With just a smidgen of pressure on that right thumb, it will happily cruise around inverted. Knife edge flight exhibits almost no coupling at all. Now, you might conclude that this balsa and ply airframe is a house of cards just waiting to collapse with the tiniest impact but I have not found that to be true thus far. One radio glitch sent it in from only a few feet up, and I was elated to find no damage at all. It helps that it landed on the gear and one wing tip but I thought for sure I would be making some repairs, but I was wrong.I am happy that E-flite is engineering these balsa and ply planes. They are indeed well engineered, and they are not as fragile as you may assume. The Edge 540 is definitely a hoot. I can confidently say it is already taking this 3D wannabe down the road to success at an accelerating rate, and at the same time, it is an excellent platform to practice aerobatics. The Ultracote covering scheme is both beautiful and highly visible.Five slice thick symmetrical airfoil for amazing flight performance But it is worth it! I enjoyed the video. Nice hover. I like to blast up out of a hover at the end of them. Give it a try next time you're out with the plane. MikeThe power system is the lighter of the two recommended sets. It will pull up out of a hover but probably doesn't have as much authority as the heavier, more powerful set.His willing and capable assistance with the photos and videos are of inestimable value to me! Tnx Bro!In fact I'm retiring an Aeroworks Sukhoi and your review is very timely.

I think my lhs has one on the shelf that just might follow me home.I just completed the E-flite mini Edge 540 3D ARF and you are correct. It was a beautiful kit right out of the box. I powered mine with a Park 480 motor and it just flies great. CecilGlad you like your Edge. I think you went with the more powerful setup. How is the vertical pull out when hovering. I bet it is very strong. Tnx for your comments and for having a read!I am also a professional airline pilot. Trust me, I know the difference between a hard landing and a greaser. I ordered this ARF as soon as it came out. The landing gear will hardly hold the weight of the airplane sitting on the runway. I used all of the recommended components to finish this ARF. I made no modifications. I called E-Flite and spoke with Rusty. Rusty was no help! He did promise to send me a new landing gear. That was 3 months ago. No replacement Landing gear yet. Maybe E-Flite did address the problem. I hope so! At least then my conversation with Rusty was not a waste of time and it may have helped out my fellow modelers. I am looking forward to the Toledo show this spring. I plan on bringing this airplane and having a talk with these folks about customer relations!Bend it back and fly it. I have bent the gear on just about every airplane I have flown if not ripped it right out of the airframe. I would rather have the gear bend than have the a good set of gear but the fuse is gone where you attach it. If you go to Toledo just talk to them. You don't have to bring the plane. Everyone is great to talk to there. I live fairly close and Sunday is desolate in comparison. Trust me. You will enjoy the event if you choose to. JerryThey can take a beating. Held up on rolling harriers and not having the perfect landing.I run a himax 2816 outrunner and 1350 3 cell tp pack.The airplane is wonderful and flies great. The gear is the only problem that I, and many other people seem to be having and E-Flite is no help.

I will be at the Toledo show with my airplane in hand because I work the show. Also I want them to try and tell me face to face that there is nothing wrong with the landing gear. I have many E-Flite products. This is the only issue I have experienced to date with E-Flite. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. See All Buying Options Add to Wish List Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Please try again later. From the United StatesI thought that it was difficult to fly with bad tendencies. This plane is 10 times better. Smooth flying. No stall tendencies. I would HIGHLY recommend this plane. I've been flying RC for over 30 years.Please try again later. Please try again later. The one I flew last weekend was setup with an E-Flite 480, which was stoopid power on the 540. It was a little nose-heavy and didn't have enough throw on the tail, but it flew very well. I picked one up yesterday afternoon at my LHS and 3 hours later it was RTF. The ARF was 79.99, which seems to be the price from most sources. The parts in the kit were all usable and complete. The only thing that is questionable is the LG. They are extremely soft and bend easily. Maybe that's not a bad thing though. I used everything that came in the box. Assembly is straight forward with the components of your choice. The assembly manual is complete enough where a total putz could put one together. The elevator itself is beveled, but not the TE of the horizontal stab. If you push things together tight and CA you won't have enough throw. I flew it this morning for the first time. It flies really well. It's way nose-heavy with the battery in front of the LE of the wing.

I moved the battery under the wing right behind the gear and it flies much, much better. Little or no coupling in KE. It could use a bit larger rudder. Here are a few photos.It builds easy, but WOW, I don't know how you guys can put one of these together in 4 hours!! I've got about 7 or 8 hours in mine between assembly and radio programing. 4 hours is incredibly fast or maybe I'm just really slow. DOH! Nothing that some clear monokote and an Eflite sticker couldn't fix. This will be my first electric and I'm really looking forward to flying it tomorrow. - WayneA20-22L Eflite 25 amp ESC 1320mah Thunder Power HS-55 Enough power spectrum receiver.The landing gear is the only real negative I have so far. Hopefully someone will come up with some carbon gear or something stronger and light in aluminum. You have to literally land it like a butterfly (that soft) otherwise the gear bends. Two of my landings were not hard AT ALL and I was having to bend the gear back into place while the other 3 landings were extremely light (no problems). I'm really glad I went with the 450 and 40amp ESC -- I can understand if you're on a budget, but this combo has a nice pull out where I think you'd be fighting it a bit more. If you've got some skills on the sticks it shouldn't be a problem, but personally, I need that extra umph to get me out of trouble, especially down low. Either way, have fun with it. It's a blast. - WayneBoth my LHS were out too, so I had to drive about an hour south to pick one up from another shop. Awesome little motor though. I can see why they are so popular. Everyone at the field really likes the plane -- it's a great flyer. I need to work on a mix for knife edge, but that's it. Hardly any wing rock either inverted or upright and once you get a good CG point it just floats around. Let us know once you get it together! - WayneBoth my LHS were out too, so I had to drive about an hour south to pick one up from another shop. Let us know once you get it together!

- WayneAll rights reserved. You may want to search our site for a similar item.This feather-light construction, combined with a high-output brushless motor, will provide spine-tingling 3D and freestyle performance that will let you really push the limits. And it comes from the factory 90 built and covered in genuine UltraCote, so you can be up and flying in no time. Assembly Time: 3-4 Hours Will do any 3d maneuver you can throw at it effortlessly. Highly recommend for intro into 3d type flying. All original wording and photographs used on this website are the property of AMain Hobbies, and may not be used without prior written consent.

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