enviro ht s90 manual

enviro ht s90 manual
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enviro ht s90 manual

If I kept the boxes, I would be returning them to the store.The heater has a sensor that gets dusty and causes it to shutoff to prevent overheating. The heater should function properly once the dust is blown off the sensor. Good luck! I order some and we will see if I have any trouble. Login to post I have also included the manual configuration below if you have any issues. Setting up WAP 1. Press menu 2. Scroll to and select Settings 3. Scroll to and select Browser settings 4. Scroll to and select Profile Settings 5. Scroll to and select a free profile (e.g. Profile 3) 6. In profile name enter Vodafone Wap 7. In home URL enter the URL of the site you want as your homepage i.e. 8. Make sure bearer is set as GPRS only 9. Set proxy to enable 10. Select GPRS settings 11. In proxy IP enter 12. In proxy port enter 8799 13. In APN enter for Pay monthly customers: wap.vodafone.co.uk for Pay as you talk customers: pp.Vodafone.co.uk 14. In login ID enter wap 15. In password enter wap 16. Press save 17. Press save again 18. Press Back 19. Scroll to and select Current Profile 20. Scroll down to your new Vodafone WAP profile and press select to activate it Setting up MMS 1. Press menu 2. Scroll to and select Settings 3. Scroll to and select Message settings 4. Scroll to and select Multimedia Messages 5. Scroll to and select Multimedia Message Profile 6. Scroll to and select a free profile (e.g. Profile 3) 7. Press Options 8. Scroll to Edit 9. In profile name enter Vodafone MMS 10. Select GPRS settings 13. In proxy IP enter 14. In proxy port enter 8799 15. In APN enter for Pay monthly customers: wap.vodafone.co.uk for Pay as you talk customers: pp.Vodafone.co.uk 16. In login ID enter wap 17. In password enter wap 18. Press save 19. Press save again 20. Press Back Once you have followed either step you will then be able to access Mobile Internet and MMS fine. or.


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go to the following website and configure your mobile settings You have to do the same again to make a new data account for the mms. the settings for this is account name O2MMS, APN payandgo.o2.co.uk, user name payandgo all others same as before. Now you have 2 new data accounts you need to set up wap.Please send me details in english to get back to the normal mode and if possible could you send me the details in english. Thankyou i would be gratefulUnfortunately i have enter into setting and change to flight mode then my phone can not open even menu option also not open. so sir Please follow Setting up WAP guide before MMS. 1. From the main display press the left select key under Men u. 2. Scroll to Messaging and press the left select key under O k. 3. Scroll to Settings and press the left select key under O k. 4. Scroll to Multimedia Message and press the left select key under O k. 5. Scroll to Network Profile and press the left select key under O k. 6. A list of profiles will be displayed, press the left select key under Option s. 7. Scroll to Add and press the left select key under O k. 8. Profile name will be displayed, enter Vodafone MMS and press the left select key under. Setting up GPRS 1. From the main display press the left select key under Men u. 2. Scroll to Settings and press the left select key under O k. 3. Scroll to Connectivity and press the left select key under O k. 4. Scroll to Network and press the left select key under O k. 5. Scroll to Network Profile and press the left select key under O k. 6. Scroll to Data Connections and press the left select key under O k. 7. Press the left select key under Option s. 8. Scroll to New Profile and press the left select key under O k. 9. Scroll to Name and enter Vodafone GPRS For Contract customers: wap.vodafone.co.uk The PIN is 1234.NOTE: The default password is 1111. If you are experiencing problems with your password or have forgotten your password, contact your administrator.


The Standby to Low Power may be set between 1 - 120 minutes. The Low Power to Sleep may be set between 0 - 120 minutes. NOTE: There should be a minimum of one minute between the 'From Standby Mode to Low Power Mode' and 'From Low Power Mode to Sleep Mode' settings. For example, if the 'From Standby Mode to Low Power Mode' is set to 10 minutes, then the 'Low Power Mode to Standby Mode' should at least be set to 11 minutes.Answer questions, earn points and help others. Record the serial numb er in the space provided below. Enjoying the camera Using the men u Using the Set up screen Using your c omputer Printing still images Conn ecting your camer a to you r TV T roubleshoot ing Others Inde x If you hav e any questions about this product, you may call: Sony Customer Information Services Center 1-800-222-SONY (7669) The number below is f or the FCC related matters only. Regula tor y Informatio n CAUTION Y ou are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approv ed in this manual could void your auth ority to operate this equipment. WARNING For Cust ome rs in t he U. S.A. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” wi thin the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the lite rature accompanying th e appliance. Dec laration of Confor mity Trade Name: SONY Model No.: DSC-S60 Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. Address: 16450 W. Bernardo Dr, San Diego, CA 92127U.S.A. T elephone No.: 858-942-2230 This device complies wi th Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subj ect to the followi ng two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmfu l in terfer ence, a nd (2 ) this device m ust accept any i nterference recei ved, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


Dec laration of Confor mity Trade Name: SONY Model No.: DSC-S90 Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. Operation is subj ect to the followi ng two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmfu l in terfer ence, a nd (2 ) this device m ust accept any i nterference recei ved, including interference that may cause undesired operation. These limits are de signed to provide reasona ble protection against harm ful interfer ence in a residential i nstallation. Th i s equipment generates, uses, and can radiate r adio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance wi th the instructions, may cause harmful inte rference to radio communication s. Howev er, there is no guarantee that inter ference will not oc cur in a particular ins tallation. The supplied interface cable must be used with t he equipment in order to comply with the limits for a digital device pursuant to Subpart B of P ar t 15 of FCC Rules. RECYCLI NG NICKEL MET AL HYDRIDE BA TTER IES Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are r ecyclable. Y ou can help preserve our environment by return ing your used rechargeable batteries to the collec tion and recycling location nearest you. A moulded plug complyi ng with BS 13 63 is fitted to this equipm ent for your safety and conve n ience. Should the fu se in the pl ug supplied need to be replaced, a fuse of the same rating as the supplied one and approv ed by AST A or BSI to BS 1362, (i.e., marked with an or mark) must be used. If the plug supplied with this equipment has a detachable fuse cov er, be sure to attach the fuse cov er after you change the fuse. Nev er use the plug without the fuse cover. If you shoul d lose t he fuse co ver, please contact your near est Sony service station. This product has been tested and found compliant with the limits set out in the EMC Directive for using connection cables shor ter th an 3 meters (9. 8 feet).


Attentio n The electromagneti c fields at the specific frequencies may influence the picture and sound of this camera.Note on the battery pack NP -NH25 (supp lie d wit h DSC-ST 80 onl y) Refer to the operating instructions “Cyb er-shot Station”. Carl Zei ss lens This camera i s equipped with a Carl Z eiss lens which is capable of reproducing sharp images with excellent contrast. The lens for this camera has been produced under a quality assurance system certif ied by Carl Zeiss in accordance with t he quality standards of Carl Zeis s in Germ any.Be sure to back up the data to avoid the potential risk of data loss. See pages 23, 58 on ho w to back up the data. This m ay cause irrecoverable damage to your eyes.Be careful not to bump the lens, and be careful not to apply force to it. Wa rning on copyr ight T elevision programs, films, videotapes, and other materials may be copyrighted. Unauthorized recording of such materials may be c o ntrary to the provisions of the copyrigh t laws. The pi ctu res us ed i n t his manu al The photographs used as examples of p ictures in this manual are repr oduced images, and ar e not actual images shot using this camera. On illus trations Illustrations used in this ma nual are of the DSC- S60 unless noted otherwise. Remember t o press the shutter b u tton only ha lfway down.Also, you ca n stabilize th e camera by lea ning again st a tree or a building beside you. Using a tripo d, and using t he flas h in dark plac es are also reco mmended. Focus Expos ure Color Quality This section de scribes the basi cs so you can enjoy your ca mera. It tell s you how to use various camera fun ctions such as the mode dial (pag e 26), the menus (page 29), an d so on. 96 VGA FINE F3.5 30 S AF Exposure is the am ount of l ight that the camera will recei ve wh en you relea se the shu tter. Open In-focus ra nge narrows, both backward and forward. Close In-focus rang e widens, both backward and forward.

High IS O sens itivi ty Records a bright imag e eve n when s h ooting in a dark l ocation. Ho wever, the imag e tends to b ecom e no isy. Lo w ISO sensit ivity Records a smoother imag e. Ho w ev er, the image may become dark er.If it contains a l arge nu mber of pix els, the pi cture become s large, it takes u p more memor y, and the ima ge is displaye d in fine detail. “Ima ge size” is shown by the numbe r of pixels. Although you cannot see t he di fferences on the sc reen of the cam era, the fine det ail and data processing time differ when the ima ge is printe d or displayed on a comput er screen.Howe ver, we recommend using the flash or a tripod to increase the amount of light.T he valu es may v ary depend ing on the shoo ting cond itions. The num ber of im ages tha t can be recorde d using thi s interna l memo ry is eq uiv al ent to th at of a 32 M B “Memory S tick”.Thi s memory is n ot remov able. W e recomme nd that you copy (back up) data without fail using one of the following m ethods. On image da ta s tored in the interna l memory Internal memory B B Also you can sel ect var ious setti ngs usi ng the menu. (For details on the fu nctions available t page 30) M: Manu al exposure shootin g mode Allows you to shoot a fter adj usting t he exposure m anual ly (both the shut ter spee d and the ap erture v alue) (page 27). Also, you can select t he various settings using the menu. (For details on the fu nctions available t page 30) Manually adjusts the exposure. The graph disp lay indicate s a bright image w hen ske wed to the right side, a d ark image w hen ske wed to the left s ide.VGA FINE 98 P S AF AF range finder fr ame AF range finder fr ame indicato r VGA FINE 98 P S AF AF range finder fr ame AF range finder fr ame indicato r Multi (Multi-pattern meter ing) Divides into multiple regions and measu res each region.Auto Ad justs the Wh ite Bala nce aut omat ically.

ISO 400 Select a large number when shooting in dark locatio ns or shooting a subject moving at high speed, or se lect a small number to obt ain high ima ge qualit y. 200 100 80 Auto (P.Quality ) Fine (F INE) Record s with high quali ty (low compressio n). Standa rd (STD) Record s with standa rd qual ity (hi gh compr ession). W B W B Off No effec t. M Adjusts the shar pness of the image.Cancel Cancels the selection. Of Files: 2005 102MSDCF 9 111::05:34 AM The - indicat o r turns whi te. Exit Exi ts the Prote ction function.See page 70. Play s back reco rded imag es in orde r (Sli de show ). Interval DPOF (Print) (Slide) 3 sec Sets th e slide sho w interv al. 5 sec 10 sec 30 sec 1 min Folder Play s back all images in t h e sel ected folder. All Plays back all images store d on the “Memo ry Stick”. On Plays b ack images i n a continuou s loop. Off After all the im ages hav e been play ed back, th e slide sho w ends. Start See t he followi ng procedure. Cancel Canc els the slide sho w. (Resiz e) 4M The setti ng size is jus t a guide line.Also note that you cannot restore f iles once you cut them. (Rotat e) Rotate s an image. See the foll owing pro cedure. OK Deter mines the rotatio n. See the f ollowing procedu re. Cancel Cancel s rotatio n. (Divi de) OK See the foll owing procedure. Cancel Cancels division. T o turn o f f the ( Setup) sc reen, press MENU.Select s the digita l zoom mode. The camer a enlarges the imag e using opti cal zoom ( u p to 3?). When t he zoom sca le exceed s 3?, the cam era uses either smart or prec ision digi tal zoom. Image size a nd maximu m zoom sca le using Smar t zoo m AF Mode Single (S AF) Autom atically a djusts the foc us when the shut ter button is pressed and he ld halfway down. This mode is useful f or shooting st ationary sub jects. Monit or (M AF) Autom atica lly adju sts the foc us befor e the shu tter button is pressed and he ld halfway down.

Digital Z oom Smart (Smart z oom) () Enlarges the image digitall y with almost no di stortion. Precision (Prec ision digi tal zoom) () Enlar ges all im age sizes up to a maximum of 6?, bu t the image qual ity deteriora tes.Selects how to sup erimpose the date or ti me onto the image. Reduce s the red -eye phenom enon wh en using th e flash. Off Do es not use Red Eye Redu ctio n. The W s ide of this l ine is the optical zoom area, and the T side is the digita l zoom area Zoom scaling indicator The AF ill umi nator emit s red ligh t allowi ng th e came ra to focu s eas ily w hen the shut ter button is pre ssed half way, unti l the focu s is lock ed. Although t here are no problems with safe ty, do not look directly in to the AF illuminato r emitter at c lose range. If yo u press the shutter button halfway down during this period, the recorded image disp lay disappears and you c an immedi ately shoot the next image. AF Illum inator Auto Uses t he AF illumina tor. Off Does not use AF illum inato r. Auto R evie w On Use th e Au to Review. Off Does not use Au to Review. ON Enl arges th e se ttin g in dica tor te mp orar ily whe n you pres s (F lash mod e), ( Self -tim er), or (Mac ro). Enla rged Icon On Enlarge s the ind icat ors. Off Does no t enlarg e the indic ators. The format is complete. Forma t OK See the foll owing procedure. Cancel Cancel s the forma tting. The defau lt sett ings are ma rked wit h. Fo rmats the “Me mory Sti ck”. The forma t is complete. Format OK See th e following p rocedure. Cancel Canc els the formatti n g. Crea te REC. Folder OK See th e following p rocedure. Cancel Canc els folder creatio n. Create REC. Folder Creating REC.Cancel Cancels chang ing the recor ding folder. Copy OK See the foll owing procedure. Cancel Cancels the copyi ng.Selects t he sound produ ced whe n yo u opera te the c amera. Selects the langu age to be used to displ ay the menu items, warni ngs, and messag es. LCD Ba ckligh t Bright Bri ghtens. Normal Dark Dark ens.

Beep Shutter T u rns on the shutte r sound when you press the shutter button. Langua ge Initiali ze OK See th e following p rocedure. Cancel Canc els the resetting. Selects t he method u sed to assign fi le numbers to images. Sets the vi deo signal output acco rding to connected equipme nt. File Numb er Series Assigns n umbers to files in sequence e ven i f the record ing folder o r the “Mem ory Stick” is changed. (When the replaced “Memory S tick” contai ns a file with a numb er higher than the last as signed nu mber, a number one hi gher tha n the l argest number is assigned.) Reset Starts from 000 1 each time the folder is cha nged. (When the record ing folder contain s a file, a numbe r one h igher than the lar gest number i s assigned.) USB Co nnect PictBridge C onnec ts t he ca mer a to a Pi ctBr idge com plian t print er (pag e 70). Video Out NTSC Sets the video output signal to NTSC mode (e.g., for the USA, Japan). PAL S ets the vid eo output signal to P AL m ode (e.g., for Eur ope). Cancel Canc els setting the cl ock. Enjoying images using “PicturePac kag e” (page 65) Viewing images sa ved on your computer Instal ling “Pictur ePackage” (pag e 65).Recommended computer environme nt For a computer wi th a “Mem or y Stic k” slot Remo ve the “Me mory Stick” from the camera and insert th e “Memor y Stick” in to the “Memor y Stick” slot of the computer, then c o py th e images. Y o ur comput er restarts. N ow, you can establ ish a USB co nnect ion. Remove the CD-ROM wh en t he i nstal lati on is comp leted. Stage 1: Installing th e USB Driver 1 2 Stag e 4-A: Copyi ng images to a comp uter 1 2 1 2 1 2 T o copy an image file to the computer without overwriting, cha nge the file na me to a different name and then copy the im age file. Ho wever, note that if you change the file name, you may not be able to play back that image with your camera (page 64).

Whe n you copy images fro m a “Memory Sti ck” after copying images in t he inte rnal memory to the compu ter, inser t the “Memor y Stick ”. The ima ge fi les record ed with yo u r came ra are groupe d as folders on the “Memo ry Stick”. Example: v iewing folde rs on Window s XP A Folde r containin g image data recorded using a camera not equipped with the folder crea ting function B Folde r containin g image data recorded using th is camera When not creating an y new fol ders, there is only the “ 101MSDCF ” folder.The supp lied CD-R OM contain s two softw are applicat ions: “Pictur ePackage” and “Image Mixer. ” Pictur ePac kage What you can do: A Burn ing V i deo CD The “ImageMix er VCD2” screen appe ars. This se ction describes t he Eng lish screen. The “Lice nse Agreemen t” screen appears. Read th e agre ement c arefully.F o r more inf or mation, refer to the information included on the CD-R OM. Perform the same pr o cedu r e as th at desc ribed i n “Stage 2: Prepa ring th e camera and the com pute r” on page 59. 2 Connect the cable for m ulti-use terminal. Doubl e-clic k the hard di sk icon t the desired image fi le in the f older contai ning the copi ed files to open tha t image f ile. Recommended environment Copying an d viewing i mages on a comput er The inst allation o f the softwar e starts. Creati ng a video CD u sing “Image Mixer VCD2” T echnical suppor t for “ImageMixer VCD2” is provided by the P ixela User Suppor t Center. For more information, refer to the inf or mation included on the CD-ROM. Printing directly using a “Memory Stick” compliant p rinter Y ou can p rint image s with a “Memory Stick” comp liant print er. For deta ils, see th e op erat ing in str ucti ons s uppli ed w ith th e pri nter. Print ing using a compute r Y ou can co py images to a computer using the sup plied “Pictu rePackage” software a n d prin t the images.

Printing at a shop (page 73) Y ou can ta ke a “Me mory Stick” c ontaini ng image s shot with your camera t o a phot o printing se rvice sho p. Y ou c an make a (Pri nt order) ma rk on images tha t you want to print out in advance. Stage 1: Preparing the camera Index button Control Button MENU button 2 When you co nnect the camera to a printe r, the pr int menu appe ars.Copy the images to a “Memory Stic k”, then take the “Memory St ick” to the print shop.T o remov e th e mar k in inde x mod e Sele ct the imag es fr om wh ic h you want to remov e the mar k in step 5, then press z. Marking in index mode TO NEXT MENU SELECT Green mark Images s hot with the camer a appear on the TV screen.P A L-M system Brazil P A L-N system Argenti na, Parag uay, Urug uay SECAM syste m Bulgaria, Fra nce, Guiana, Iran, Iraq, Monaco, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Please u nderstan d that y ou give your consent that t he cont ents o f the in ternal me mory m ay be check ed when you se nd your camera to be repa ired. 1 Check the items on pages 78 to 87.Rep lace them with new ones. Rep lace them with new ones. Ins tall charg ed batteries or replace wit h new on es ( t ste p 1 i n “Read T his First” ).Re cord in the close -up (Macro ) recording mo de.Cancel the Picture Effect function (page 36). This p henomen on is not a malfunct ion.Install charged batterie s or replace with new ones. Th is is not a mal func tion. Delete the USB comm unication ( page 62). This is not a malfunc tion. Disconne ct it according to the correc t procedure (page 62). Viewi ng i mage s The dev ice is dele ted. 4 Install th e USB driver (p age 58). Shoot using a “Memor y Stick” form atted by your came ra (page 51).Y ou cannot restore it. W e recomm end that you set the writ e-protec t s witch on the “Memory Stick” to the LOCK position to pr ev e nt acciden tal erasure (p age 91). Remo ve it ( t ste p 3 in “Read Th is F irst ” ). Remo ve it ( t ste p 3 in “Read Th is F irst ” ).

“Memory Stick” Interna l memory If an error mess age is indicate d on the printer, refer to t h e opera ting instr uctions supp lied wit h the printe r. PictBridg e compliant printer I t m ay take some time dep endin g on the pr inter. Charge t he batteries o r replace wit h new ones ( t step 1 in “Read This First” ). Rem ove the batterie s, and then, after one minute, inse rt the batter ies and turn on the camera.Charg e the batteries or install ne w batterie s ( t step 1 in “R ead This First” ) or use the AC Adaptor (not supplied).The last two digits (indic ated by ss ) will differ depen ding on the state of the camera. If y ou a re unab le t o solve the p rob le m even after t rying the fo llowing co rrect ive action s a few times, contac t your Sony dealer or local au thorized Son y service f acility. T ur n the power of f and on again. I nsert a n ew “Memory Stick” (pag e 91). Initia lize the cam era (page 53), then turn the power on again. If t he follo wing mess ages appe ar, follo w the i nstruct ions. Charge the batt eries ( t step 1 in “Re a d This First” ). Depending o n the condi tions of use or t he type of battery, t h e in d icato r may fl ash even though t here a re sti ll 5 to 10 m inutes o f rema ining battery time left. Self-d iagnosis display Messages Select a dif ferent folder (page 52).Conn ect to a PictBrid ge complian t printer. Y ou cann ot print unt il it is finish ed. This may ta ke time, depend ing on the prin ter. The type s of “Memo ry Stick ” that ca n be used wi th this camera are listed in the table below. MagicGate is copyright protection technology that uses encryption technology.If the batteries are the specified typ e, remove all the batteries, replace them with ne w ones or another ones and check if the battery char g er operates cor r ectly.

Battery pack NP-NH2 5 (supplied with DSC- ST80) R6 (size AA) alkaline batter ies (2) (supplied with DSC-S60) ZR6 (size AA) Oxy Nic kel Primary Ba ttery (2) Batter ies you ca nnot use with your camera Manganese batteries Lithium batterie s Ni-Cd batteries If you use the abo ve batteries, we cannot guarantee full performance of the ca m era by property of the batteries, such as br o wn out of the batteries. Never use batteries from which the seals have been partially or comple tely removed, or batterie s that have been spl it in any way. These may cause leakage, explosion, or heat-up of the batt ery, and personal scald or injury may be caused. This is typical of t his type of battery, and is not a malfunction. The batter y is not water-resistan t. The batter y capacity decreases l ittle by littl e as you use it more a nd more, and a s time p asses. For this reason, the came ra may turn off with th e lens po rtion extended when you switch the mode dial. In this case, replace the batteries with new ones or fully charged Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries.Clea ning the le ns Wipe t he lens with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints, dust, etc. Clean ing t he came ra surf ace Clean the camera surfac e wi th a soft cloth slightly moistened with water, then wipe the surface with a dry cloth.This moisture condensation may cause a malfunction of the camera. How to preve nt m oisture conden sation When bringing the cam era from a cold place t o a warm place, seal the camera in a plastic bag and allow it to adapt to condition s at t he new location over about an hour. If moist ure co ndensat ion o ccurs T urn off the camera a nd wait about an hour for the moisture to ev apor ate. Note t hat if yo u attempt to shoot with moisture remaining inside the lens, you will be u nable to record cle ar im ages.This rechargeable battery is continually charged as long as you are us in g the camera.

Ho wever, if you use the camera for only short periods, it discharges gradually, and if you do not use the camera at all for about one mont h it becom es completely discharged. In t his cas e, be sure to charge this rechargeable battery before using the camera. Howe ver, e ven if this rechargeable battery is not charged, you can still use the camera as lon g as you do not record the date and time. Char ging m ethod Insert batteries with enough capacity i n the camera, or connect the camera to a wall outlet (wall socket) using th e AC Adaptor (not supplied), and leave the camera for 24 hours or more with the power of f. Contact with any other person regarding this solicitation is prohibited by law. All questions and requests for clarification will be responded to in writing and disseminated to all persons and organizations having expressed an interest in this solicitation. All potential Respondents are solely responsible for full compliance with the Procurement Requirements. See section within bid titled “ Procurement Requirements” for complete explanation and requirements. Any bid received after 2:00 PM will not be accepted. ? Each response should be in the envelope provided with the bid, or if obtained electronically, in an envelope of your choice. CASH DISCOUNT OF PERCENT WILL BE ALLOWED FOR PROMPT PAYMENT WITHIN 30 DAYS CASH DISCOUNT OF PERCENT WILL BE ALLOWED FOR PROMPT PAYMENT WITHIN 60 DAYS CASH DISCOUNT OF PERCENT WILL BE ALLOWED FOR PROMPT PAYMENT WITHIN 90 DAYS IF NO DISCOUNT IS SHOWN PAYMENT TERMS WILL BE NET 90 DELIVERY TO BE MADE TO: NASSAU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK 11554 Or if different, as specified on Purchase Order. This sealed bid shall be signed by an official authorized to bind the Firm. This sealed bid shall also provide the name, title, address, and telephone number of the individual(s) with authority to negotiate and contractually bind the company, and who also may be contacted during the period of contract.

Where any party of nominal appurtenances of equipment is not described, it shall be understood that all equipment and appurtenances which are usually provided in the manufacturer's stock model shall be furnished. 2. Bids on materials and supplies must be for new items except as otherwise specifically stated in bid or detailed specification. 3. Bidder declares that the bid is made without any connection with any other Bidder, submitting a bid for the same items, and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud. 4. PRICES The provisions of the New York State Fair Trade Law (Fed-Crawford Act) and the federal price discrimination law (Robinson-Patman Act) do not apply to purchases made by the Nassau Health Care Corporation. 5. SURETY In the event that an award is made hereunder, The Director of Purchase, Nassau University Medical Center, (hereinafter known as the Director of Purchase) reserves the right to request successful bidders to post, within one week, security for faithful performance with the understanding that the whole or any part thereof may be used by the Nassau Health Care Corporation to supply any deficiency that may arise from any default on the part of the Bidder. Such security must meet all the requirements of the County Attorney and be approved by the Nassau Health Care Corporation Attorney. 6. SAMPLES Samples, when required, must be submitted strictly in accordance with instructions, otherwise bid may not be considered. If samples are requested subsequent to bid opening they shall be delivered within five (5) days of the request for bid to have consideration. Samples must be furnished free of charge and must be accompanied by descriptive memorandum invoices indicating if the Bidder desires their return; also specifying the address to which they are to be returned, provided they have not been used or made useless by tests. Award samples may be held for comparison with deliveries. 7.

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